Exhibition Stands Design: Martini Light Booth

Exhibition Stand Design: for architecture, furniture and jewelry sectors

Another Expertise of Lapo Grassellini is the Exhibition Stands Design.

Exhibition Stands Design: essential marketing & communication tools

Thanks to his experience in interior and lighting design, Lapo is able to create tailor-made exhibition stands for any kind od industry.

In particular, our Studio is specialized in exhibition stand design for architecture, furniture and jewelry sectors.

We are aware of the fact that exhibition stands are essential marketing and communication tools; for this reason, our Studio is always looking for new ideas and solutions that enhance the concept, functionality, and brand of your company.

Thanks to a well-designed stand, your company has the opportunity to:

  • identify thousands of visitors;
  • have new customers;
  • meet industry professionals, gaining insight into future design trends.

Exhibition Stand Design: original design and functionality

Studio Lapo Grassellini is in line with your company’s marketing and communication strategy and designs exhibition stands that combine originality and functionality.

Our goal is to promote the customer experience thanks to the dedicated study of the layout of the structure, the use of quality materials and the lighting design.

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